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Follow Kinzo on his rampant quest to slay God!

Blast your way through 3 different levels as you create havoc in God's army.

3rd Game Project

Engine: TGA2D (school's in house)

Timeframe: 7 weeks (half time)

Team size: 12

Genre: Shoot 'Em Up

My Contribution

The Player

I was mainly responsible for implementing everything regarding the player such as controls, abilities and general functionality.

Together with a designer and an artist, I planned for how the player would function, what weapons you could utilize and how to make the gameplay feel polished.


Weapon Systems

In Kinzo, you have four weapons in your arsenal:

  • Gun - your main weapon, low damage, high speed.​

  • Drill - blocks projectiles & deals damage over time at melee range.​

  • Laser - high damage, long range, pierces​

  • Bomb high damage, AoE​

The weapons in Kinzo are made with inheritance from a base weapon class, which gave the weapon classes an easier interface to work with. By letting the player have a pointer to the base weapon class and utilizing a "Shoot" function to override in the derived classes, it became very easy to switch between weapon systems and implement their own behaviours in code.


The Final Boss

I worked together with a level designer to create the last boss and was then responsible to implement the fight in the game.

Functionally, the bosses in the game derived from a super class - "Boss" - which gave us an easy interface to work with regarding handling and managing the different bosses throughout the game. Because the bosses were so different from each other though, only the bare minimum was implemented as a shared interface. The individual behaviour for each boss was implemented separately.

The last boss was made with a simple state machine. I chose to do it this way to easily implement the various attacks, as well as to easily be able to switch between them. The functionality for the attacks were then implemented as different functions waiting to be called and updated based on the current attack-state of the boss.

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